“A Dose of Hope” is an initiative of Nour WGSS in Sweida on the occasion of World Cancer Day

The Mobile Team of the Nour WGSS in Sweida organized an initiative called “A Dose of Hope” to coincide with the World Cancer Day.
The case manager Ms. Samra Khwais discussed some of the psychological effects of cancer on patients and their families and how to deal with them.
In turn, the health educator “Bushra Shalghen” shared some healthy habits and behaviors such as the importance of  healthy food, adhering to medications and sticking to the chemotherapy schedule, taking into account avoiding certain foods that  can negatively affect patients during treatment.
Attendees shared their experience with cancer, and one of them said,
“Life may falter, but it does not stop; hope may be weakened, but it never extinguishes; opportunities may be lost, but never end.”
At the end of the session, the team volunteers carried out some recreational activities and competitions with the women patients, and gave them some souvenir gifts.
It is worth noting that NFRD is concerned with raising awareness about International Days to support and empower the local community through awareness sessions, activities and initiatives.