Vision, Mission & Goals

Our Vision:
The Syrian community is innovative, socially cohesive, and is capable of actively participating in developing itself and solving its problems.

Nour shines all around Syria

Our Mission Statement:

Goals and Objectives:

NFRD is devoted to contributing to the empowerment of the  individuals and families of the Syrian community in general, particularly focusing on the most vulnerable whether educationally, culturally, physically, socially, economically , or environmentally.

NFRD works towards this goal by organizing sustainable and comprehensive humanitarian and developmental programs that aim at  meaningfully contributing towards building community capacity and raising awareness in different aspects.


NFRD was licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, license no. 1438, Oct 2nd, 2013, and has the permission to work in all Syrian governorates and in the shelters for the displaced people of Qunaitra, Golan, and the Palestinian Camps.

NFRD is currently implementing its programs and activities in Rural Damascus and Sweida and is planning to expand into other governorates.

NFRD targets local communities and Syrian families in general, and focuses in particular on women, children, adolescents, and the most vulnerable.

Core Values:

In NFRD, we abide by the values of respect, credibility, transparency, accountability, objectivity, and indiscrimination. We strive to support core values of volunteerism, participation, integrity, social responsibility, self-independence, and active citizenship.

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development works to achieve its objectives through a range of services, projects and activities, distributed as follows:

  • Offering relief services to provide necessities for the poor, the needy, orphans, people with disabilities, and those affected by crises.
  • Providing a range of programs, projects, activities, events and initiatives that seek to make a real and long-term change that achieves the necessary social protection for the target groups.
  • Building the capacities of children, adolescents and youth through training courses, support classes and vocational training workshops.
  • Providing health services through clinics, referrals and campaigns.
  • Improving livelihoods by reviving and supporting small enterprises, workshops and local professions.

Empowerment of women socially and economically to enhance their role in society through a series of programs, projects, campaigns and training workshops and rehabilitation