Bidaya Project Adolescent Development and Participation Program Child Protection Program

Since 2015, Bidaya Project has been trying to teach children and adolescents how to lead an efficient life through developing their capacities. Children and adolescents have been offered courses in communication skills and basic social and personal skills. Bidaya Project has also been trying to support initiatives, build a safe environment for children, provide comprehensive social support, and raise awareness about children’s rights and the aftermath of war.

During 2017, Bidaya Project managed to expand into Jairoud and AL  Husainieh through five different developmental and vocational training centers in addition to mobile teams in Saasaa, Jdaidet Artouz, Jdaidet Al Fadl, Sbeineh, Al Adliah, and Al Zyabiah

Bidaya Project Programs:

Adolescent Development and Participation Program: This program includes life skills workshops for 10-24 year olds, interactive and creative clubs, sport for development activities, initiative support services, volunteer training, vocational training courses for 15- 24 year olds.

Vocational training courses include: domestic electrical wiring, advanced electrical wiring, mobile phone maintenance, PC hardware & software maintenance, advanced electronics, hair styling, barbering, HR assistant, marketing, secretary, accounting, Al Ameen software, ICDL, Photoshop, AutoCAD, English language.

Child Protection Program: This program includes psychosocial support sessions for children between 6 and 14 years, interactive clubs, creative days for children between 6 and 14 years, awareness raising sessions about child protection and the aftermath of war, in addition to comprehensive social support  through the help of case management and social specialist

You can visit Bidaya Project Centers in:

Developmental Center
Sehnaya- Al Arzouni roundabout- across from Al Ferzli Pharmacy
Mobile Phone: 0993327259
Landline: 6718067

Vocational Training Center
Sehnaya- Al Arzouni roundabout- Temeh Building- Across from Patisserie  La More
Mobile phone: 0993327260
Landline: 6721501

Al Husainieh:
Bidaya Center for Developmental Activities and Vocational Training
Al Ashrah Street- Near Al Aqsa Office
Mobile phoneL 0993327449
Landline: 6482041

Bidaya Center for Developmental Activities
High school Road- across from Fawaz Farhood Agency
Mobile phone: 0993327450
Landline: 7713399

Bidaya Center for Vocational Training
Al Maqasem road- across from the Medical Center
Mobile phone: 093327450

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