Through an individual initiative, one of the local people donated a library of books to support the work of the Mobile Team in Al-Dumeer area.

Social responsibility is not limited to institutions. You can be a proactive individual if you have sense of duty towards your local community and your broader community.
Thus, NFRD would like to thank all positive people, including the person who donated a library of children’s books to the Mobile Team hall in Al-Dumeer area.
Moreover, The first public reading hall in the area has also been opened, and donations of books and stories will be received in the coming days.
It is also noteworthy that NFRD operates in the regions of Damascus, Damascus countryside, Sweida  and Quneitra; in addition to the Centers’ Mobile Teams and the Mobile Teams of “Bidaya” Project in the areas of Beit Jinn, Hujaira, Al-Dumeer and Eastern Ghouta.