Success Stories

Despite disability and bullying … Qais seeks to fulfill his dream

The teacher told me, that I shouldn’t be at school and that I’d better be a garbage collector,” Qais said explaining how deeply hurt he was when he heard these […]

Maha Overcomes her Biggest Fears with Nour

  “There is nothing worse than the fear of losing a child. The fear that    minor cuts that usually go unnoticed and heal on their own can cause your […]

Ayman Hears Again, Ayman’s Story with Your Generosity Counts Campaign ( Min Eadak Ahla)

Hearing ability is important for children to develop speech and language skills as they grow. Children with hearing loss can have delayed language and speech development. Depending on the severity […]

الطفل أيمن يسمع مرة أخرى وهذه حكايته مع حملة ’من إيدك أحلى‘

جمعية نور للإغاثة والتنمية – من إيدك أحلى  غيّرت الحرب مجرى حياة الطفل أيمن كما فعلت مع الكثيرين غيره، فهي لم تحرمه منزله وأصدقاءه وذكرياته فقط، بل أفقدته جهاز المعين […]

Legal Aid helps Soumaya Regain her Housing Rights

Not only did Soumaya lose her husband and was forced into displacement  during the war, but the house she had been waiting to live in was taken over unlawfully by […]

Twins Overcome Speech Disorder and Smile for a Better Tomorrow

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development The 8-year-old twins, Shadi and Fadi, shared everything including their articulation disorder. Speech Disorders or Speech Impairments might not seem like a big deal […]

Usama, A Child Officially Registered – A Breakthrough by Nour

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development- The Support Project (Da’em) Usama’s mother sat on the stairs  shedding tears of gratitude for having the birth of her Usama registered at last. […]

From a Volunteer to a Center Manager in Al Hussainieh

Nour Foundation for Relief of Development- Bidaya Project “Volunteerism has been widely recognized as an essential way of community-building, sharing knowledge and learning good practices especially among the youth. When […]

We’am, the first girl to attend a domestic electrical wiring course at Nour Foundation

Among 8 young men, she stands looking proudly at the electrical circuit she has built, her eyes inspecting every detail, and thinking vigorously about the next step. Seeing her carrying […]

With only simple tools, Zouheir invents a liquid tank meter

It is known that necessity is the mother of invention, the tenth grader, Zouheir Shasheet’s, story proves that passion and the desire to discover are both the key to creativity. […]