An Awareness-Raising Session about the Importance of Communication Between Children With Disabilities and Their Mothers-  Nour Mobile Team- Sweida  

The mobile team of Nour WGSS in Sweida  conducted an awareness-raising session on the importance of communication between mothers and their children with disabilities.
The facilitator said, “Some mothers ignore their children with disabilities. They do not interact or communicate with them, which is a common mistake. Moreover,    others feel as if they have committed a sin. Hence the importance of educating     mothers, which in turn increases children’s ability to interact with their surrpindings.”
In addition to the session, a separate activity was presented for the children in cooperation with “The Future Center for People with Special Needs”.
It is noteworthy that the mobile team of Da’am (Support) Project in Sweida, which is funded by the UNFPA, is working to provide psychological, social and health awareness sessions.