Tailoring and Crochet Courses Continue- Nour WGSS- Al Hussainieh  

Nour WGSS in Al Hussainieh continues its courses including tailoring and crochet courses. One of the beneficiaries said, “ With every stitch I make, I feel that I am reshaping my future. I have experienced all forms of violence by my husband, but now all I think about is how to stitch my life back one thread at a time. I am planning to start up a project to sell woollen clothes. In fact I can’t wait for winter to come.”

It is worth mentioning that Da’am (Support) Project for Women, which is funded by the UNFPA, works relentlessly to empower uneducated and victimised women  by providing them new skills and knowledge to help them take action to improve their own social and economic situation and start up their own projects.