Plant pruning-training and a psychological awareness session at the Community Development Center in Salim village

Professional qualification of the local population based on the population’s  needs and the requirements of the environment is one of of Nour Foundation goals.
 NFRD works via the mobile team of the Community Development Center in Salim to provide plant pruning-training in the Qanawat area, through hands-on activities under the supervision of specialized agricultural engineers.
A psychological awareness session was also provided to the beneficiaries. During the session, the facilitator talked  about daily life problems and how to face them through finding and implementing root solutions instead of temporary ones.
The health educator also discussed the various negative effects of anger, like tachycardia which may increase the risk of other health conditions, like heart attacks. Excessive anger can also cause strokes, skin problems, severe headaches  and sleep disorders which in turn lead to a decline in professional competence.
It is worth noting that the Community Development Center in Salim Village seeks to raise the level of social and health awareness of families in order to create a healthy environment through awareness sessions and courses funded by the UNFPA.