Nour Foundation signs MoU with Ministry of Health

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health for partnership and cooperation in the “Himayati” campaign.

The “Himayati” campaign mainly targets youth at universities or in their workplaces, schoolchildren or dropouts to raise awareness about the drug dangers.

“The campaign is divided into two main sections, the first is about drug abuse awareness and the second is a post-addiction rehabilitation program,” said Dr. Majida al-Homsi, head of the Drug department at the Ministry of Health.

“The awareness aspect of the campaign will focus on media and advertising campaigns. The second aspect is post-addiction rehabilitation, which is what we aspire to achieve in the future, as there is no post-addiction rehabilitation center in Syria, and we will benefit from experiences in adjacent countries ,like Lebanon and Jordan, in order to establish the first center. ”

“The campaign will focus its attention on young people and children, especially after the spread of drugs in their midst because of the war,” said Ayham Hamada, chairman of Nour Foundation.