NFRD Volunteers Participate in Disinfection Campaigns in Qunaitra

Within the framework of precautionary measures taken by the Syrian government in order to prevent spreading of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), NFRD volunteers in Qunaitra received preventive advice to help stay healthy while participating in disinfection campaigns in the governorate.

In cooperation with the Governorate of Qunaitra and the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor, NFRD volunteers carried out a disinfection campaign in Qunaitra to sterilize all of the governorate directorates, health directorate offices, offices of the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor, and Syrian Trading Company retail outlets.

It is worth mentioning that COVID-19,which has been declared a global health pandemic by the World Health Organization, is one of the coronaviruses that cause respiratory diseases in humans, ranging from colds to pneumonia.Its effect on the body varies according to many factors such as the pathogen, age, and gender, and the severity of symptoms increases according to the strength of the body’s immunity.