NFRD Carries Out Cleaning and Disinfection Campaigns in Adra

In line with the criteria set by the Ministry of Health and within the framework of precautionary measures taken by the Syrian government in order to prevent spreading of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), NFRD volunteers conducted a cleaning and disinfection campaign in the town of Adra in coordination with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), the Town Council, and the Charitable Society for Humanitarian Aid.

The disinfecting process included sanitizing schools, New Adra, Tal Al Sawan Village, Al Thanaya Village, all town entrances, Tishreen Mill, entrances of the gas factory, and the security barriers around the town.

It should be mentioned  that NFRD has been working on cleaning and disinfecting streets, towns, and private and public facilities in all of its areas of activity within the framework of the response to the crisis linked to the coronavirus.