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Nour Illuminators – Initiative by Graduates of Domestic Installation Course – Nour WGSS- Al Hussainieh

Graduates of Domestic Installation Course at Nour WGSS in Al Hussainieh held an initiative called “Nour Illuminators”. The ultimate goal of the initiative was to renovate the electrical installation of Nour WGSS by implementing the techniques they had learned during the sessions. The trainer, Ali Ahmad, said, ” The beneficiaries were so enthusiastic to  start […]

“Stop Early Marriage” Awareness Session- Nour WGSS- Qunaitra

Nour WGSS in Qunaitra conducted an awareness session on the topic of early marriage and its consequences on girls. The session was directed to women and girls of the local community about early marriage and its negative effects on them both physically and psychologically. Case Manager, Ismat Al Fares, said, ” Some think that marriage […]

An Event for Kids at Tal Al Fakhar Club – Al Hussainieh- Bidaya Center

Bidaya Center trainers organized an eventfor children at Tal Al Fakhar Club in Al Hussainieh. The event included water games and recreational activities. Laith, one of the participants in the event, said, “I can’t express how happy I am to be able to attend this extremely energetic event. The water games were a lot of […]

NFRD Volunteers Activities at Al Bayrouni Cancer Hospital

During the month of June, NFRD volunteers carried on various activities at Al Bayrouni Cancer Hospital. The activities; which included painting, story reading, handicrafts, and games;  were designed to bring entertainment and hope into the lives of cancer kids. NFRD volunteers always try to conduct activities that aim to raise community awareness in terms of  […]

Sports Club Starts as Part of the Summer Club Activities- Bidaya – Jairoud

As part of the Summer Club activities, Bidaya Center in Jairoud inaugurates Sports Club for kids. The Sports Club offers many entertaining and developmental activities for kids under one roof. It gives them the chance to build up strong physique and develop their potentials in sports. Amena, a facilitator, said, ” Participating in sports can […]

Awareness Session on Modern Parenting Techniques- Nour WGSS- Al Hussainieh

” Raising kids is not an easy task especially nowadays, and the best way to shape kids’ characters is to raise them right. Every kid is different, obviously, so there is no-one-fits-all method to raise children. Only the mother can decide what is good for her children. As a mother, you need always to keep […]

An Awareness Session Entitled “Women’s Economic Subordination to Men”- Nour WGSS- Sweida

Nour WGSS in Sweida organized an awareness session on Women’s Economic Subordination to Men. During the session, the coordinator, Hiba Atwani, delivered a presentation about the reasons behind the increased interest of the international community in women’s economic, social, and educational rights in the past decade. One of the beneficiaries said, ” It is essential […]