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A signed memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Health

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health in the Syrian Arab Republic to define the general framework for cooperation and exchange of experiences and information between the two parties. The memorandum included the commitment of Nour Foundation to provide health and social experiences: Providing development assistance […]

“Our Elders are our Torch Bearers Initiative” on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons- The Nour WGSS- Al Hussainieh 

In cooperation with Safad Sports Club, Nour WGSS in Al Hussainieh launched an initiative by the name of “Our Elders are our Torch Bearers” to commemorate the International Day of Older Persons. The initiative included a medical examination to check on the health of the elderly in addition to a comic presentation. The initiative was  […]

“Social Media Club” – The Community Development Center – Sehnaya

The Community Development Center in Sehnaya continues at the Social Media Club to familiarize the youth with the social media sites, the most frequently used sites, and other topics related to the world of social media. The club now has a contact email address for members to send their suggestions to,”said facilitator Basma Andioui”. One […]

French Language Course Starts – Nour WGSS-  Sweida

Under the supervision of Miss Samaher Abdel Baqi, a new French course started at Nour WGSS in Sweida. “Foreign Languages have become a necessity in our life, as they are becoming more and more indispensable in scientific and professional fields. Moreover, proficiency in a foreign language has become a key that unlocks opportunities in order to cope […]

Final Debate Tournament at Jadal Debate Club- Nour WGSS- Sehnaya.

As part of the “A Few Minutes for A Lifetime Campaign” on the early detection of breast cancer, Jadal Debate Club at Nour WGSS concluded with a debate on the topic of “Breast Cancer” to be the main topic for the final two teams who were left competing for the finale under the supervision of coach […]

An Awareness Raising Session Entitled “Child Marriage and Parenting” -Nour Medical Center- Yalda

Within the campaign “Little with big dream”, Nour mobile team organized an awareness raising session entitled “Child marriage and Parenting” under the supervision of a group of facilitators at Nour Medical Center in Yalda. The session tackled several topics including, the meaning of childhood and definition of Child Marriage and its impact on raising children. […]

An Awareness Session- A Few Minutes for A Lifetime Campaign- Nour WGSS- Qunaitra

As part of A Few Minutes for A Lifetime Campaign, Nour WGSS in Qunaitra held an awareness raising session in Ein Ziwan. Facilitator, Fatima Mousa, said, “Although self-examining for breast cancer to detect the disease in its early stages is crucial, but it can’t be a substitute  for mammography and clinical examination”. It is worth […]

نشاط ترفيهي لمركز “التنمية المجتمعية” في قرية سليم بريف السويداء

نفذ مركز “التنمية المجتمعية” في قرية سليم نشاط ترفيهي لأطفال المنطقة بإشراف الميسرتين همسة خيو ومروى مراد وأشارت همسة إلى أهمية الرياضة الصباحية في بناء الجسم السليم، فيما أكدت مروى أن ممارسة الرياضة لمدة عشر دقائق يومياً تقوي العضلات وتحرق الدهون وتنشط الدورة الدموية، كما أنها تزود الجسم والعقل بقيمة عالية من الطاقة مما يجعل […]

NFRD Commemorates the International Day of Tourism- Khan Arnabeh

The Directorate of Tourism in Qunaitra and the Qunaitra Branch of Baath Vanguards in coordination with NFRD organized an event to commemorate the International Day of Tourism in Khan Arnabeh under the slogan “Tourism and Job Opportunities for a Better Future for All”. The event included a performance of Banafsaj Band, a Circassian folk dance, […]