We’am, the first girl to attend a domestic electrical wiring course at Nour Foundation

Among 8 young men, she stands looking proudly at the electrical circuit she has built, her eyes inspecting every detail, and thinking vigorously about the next step.

Seeing her carrying her enthusiastically carrying her tool box and entering a domestic electrical wiring course room full of young men, always astonishes everyone.

We’am is an example of someone who has broken a gender stereotype.

We’am, a 23 year old young woman electrical engineering student,  was displaced from Al Yarmouk Camp to Sehnaya 3 years ago.

In 2012, she started Electrical Engineering at Damascus University. Only then did she realize that she had found her passion.

When she signed up for one of the domestic electrical wiring courses at Bidaya Center for Vocational training, she was actually the first girl to do so.

The young men taking the course  were surprised to find a girl among them, but I looked at them in the eye and said that women are not only half the society, they are the whole society”

“Being the only girl in the course didn’t demotivate me. On the contrary, it made her more determine to perform at my best in any area. Bidaya Center helped me feel comfortable and keen to do something special, follow my dreams, and rise up to the challenges I was put in,” We’am said. “The support I got from my family and from Bidaya Center encouraged me to learn more and follow my passion”.

She told us how she had always wanted to develop her skills to the best of her abilities and build a career that would enable her to realize her ambitions.

“Attending the course, enabled me to draw electrical plans for a whole house, and install domestic electrical wiring. In the future I will need an electrician to fix any problems I encounter at home”. We’am said.

We’am, who feels more self reliant and more empowered said that the thing she liked the most at Bidaya Center was the friendly atmosphere provided by the instructor Nidal.

“We were always challenged to  positively interact with each other and with the instructor; in addition, we were asked to look for new pieces of information and share them with each other. We became a small family that enjoyed every class we shared,” We’am said.

“I encourage every girl to follow her dream and never give up on it and do whatever job she feels like doing. I know now that one day I will be an electrical engineer and help develop my country”