From a Volunteer to a Center Manager in Al Hussainieh

Nour Foundation for Relief of Development- Bidaya Project

“Volunteerism has been widely recognized as an essential way of community-building, sharing knowledge and learning good practices especially among the youth. When a young person volunteers to offer his or her time and expertise in favor of the community, he or she contributes to creating new social dynamics that allow building trust and tolerance within a society. It is part of the human nature to always aspire to something greater than its current state. Once you achieve a small success, your consciousness will record that in the consciousness database, and a bigger success will look a lot more feasible and the next thing you know, you are working harder to achieve it. Challenge becomes greater every day as you add new goals, and this is quite positive, ” This is the way MAzen Ahmad, Al Hussainieh Bidaya Center Manager, starts telling his story.

“I have always been an ambitious person. When I was young, I took life skills courses at a community development center funded by the UNICEF in Al Hussainieh, a very remote area in Damascus Countryside Governorate. At the community development center, my peers and I started learning more about personal development, self-exploration, and character weaknesses and strengths. Participating in voluntary work and community initiatives, enabled me to overcome my own weaknesses.
Later I participated in an LST program, and became a trainer rather than a trainee. Only then did I understand the true meaning of giving and became more interested in volunteer work. I had the opportunity to participate in community leadership workshops and at the same time I started Media School. It was quite a challenge when I was chosen to take part in UNICEF curriculum training in different areas in Damascus.
I gained more experience when I became a facilitator and supervisor of a group of adolescent volunteers at UNRWA centers. Working with Trainer and Consultant Mohamed Hosein, my compass to success, made me become more motivated and I decided I was going to be a trainer.
Time passed and I became ready to train trainers. Challenge grew to be even bigger and I applied to a center manager position at Nour Foundation for Relief and Development. I was appointed as a manager of Bidaya Center for Developmental Activities and Vocational Training in Al Hussainieh. Now I am A fourth year media student and I commit to offer all my knowledge and expertise to help promote our community.
I am sharing my story today in the hopes that it will motivate adolescents to work harder and pursue their dreams more diligently. I truly believe that my story is only the first of many stories yet to be written by the future generation that will take volunteerism to greater heights.”