With only simple tools, Zouheir invents a liquid tank meter

It is known that necessity is the mother of invention, the tenth grader, Zouheir Shasheet’s, story proves that passion and the desire to discover are both the key to creativity.

Zouheir , who was notably enthusiastic when talking about electricity and electrical wiring, joined the domestic electrical wiring course at Bidaya Vocational Training Center to develop his skills in this field.

“Ever since I was a child, electricity has always excited me. Whenever an electrical appliance broke down at home, I always dismantled it and tried to fix it. I realized I only new very little so I decided to learn as much as I could about this field,” Zouheir said zestfully.

“During a session about water meters, we were introduced to liquid tank meters which consist of an internal part and an external part and  are used to measure the amount of liquid in water or gas tanks and cost up to 16,000 s.p. After learning about it, i wanted to try to make a liquid tank meter myself. After a few trials, I managed to make one using a battery, nails, LED light bulbs and some other simple tools. It only cost 1200 s.p. Now in my house we can use it to tell how much water there is in the tank.”

Zouheir’s dream is becoming a civic engineer one day.

” I always advice my friends at school to take vocational training courses at Bidaya Vocational Training Center to acquire the ability to be creative and innovative. Everyone can make a difference,” said Zouheir.