Nour Foundation Sponsors Qalamoun Six-Man Soccer Tournament

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development

Under the sponsorship of Nour Foundation for Relief and Development, Qalamoun six-man soccer tournament has been launched in Hosh Arab Village soccer field. The tournament, which includes 25 teams from the towns and villages of Qalamoun, is organized by Hosh Arab local sports club. Al Tal town also participates in the tournament with a team of Friends of Al Tal Sports Club.

Nizar Jomaa, Captain of Hosh Arab Sports Club, said, “I would like to thank everyone for their support. We hope that this event is viewed as a pioneering step on the road toward promoting and supporting sports in this area.”

Captain Joumaa added, ” The participating 25 teams are divided into 5 groups. Each team can sign up 12 players. Only the teams that finish first and second in the group will qualify for the finals.”

Regarding the awards of the tournament, Abdullatif Al Bunni, Nour Foundation’s representative in Al Tal  said, “The awards are given by Nour Foundation as follows:

1st place: the trophy of the tournament, golden medals, 60,000 sp

2nd place: silver medals, 45,000 sp

3rd place: 30,000 sp

best player award: 5,000 sp

best  goal keeper award: 5,000 sp

best scorer award: 5,000 sp”

It is worth mentioning that Nour Foundation for Relief and Development organized a league of sports clubs in Sehnaya and its surrounding areas a few months ago.