Misconceptions About Violence Against Women – An Awareness-Raising Session Conducted by Al Zahira Mobile Team

The mobile team of Nour WGSS in Al-Zahira conducted an awareness-raising    session entitled “Misconceptions about Violence against Women” at The  Comprehensive Clinics Center  “Thalassemia Department”.
The facilitator said, “Many women are exposed to violence, but they do not know that what they are exposed to is violence. Thus, deconstructing common misconceptions about violence and raising awareness among women is one of the most important goals that we must work to achieve.”
A few beneficiaries gave examples of misconceptions about violence against women, which contributed to strengthening the themes that were discussed though roughly.
It is noteworthy that the external sessions of Nour WGSS team in Al-Zahira, which is affiliated to the Da’am (Support) Project, aim to spread awareness and correct information on the topics raised, with the support of the UNFPA.