Twins Overcome Speech Disorder and Smile for a Better Tomorrow

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development

The 8-year-old twins, Shadi and Fadi, shared everything including their articulation disorder. Speech Disorders or Speech Impairments might not seem like a big deal to some, but it can cause severe inconveniences and embarrassment to the patient.

” The speech impairment made my kids extra vulnerable. They became less confident and  more reclusive in the presence of others. They started shunning people to avoid embarrassment and preferred silence to talking,” the twins’ mother said.

The twins’ mother accompanied Shadi and Fadi To Bidaya Center in Al Hussainieh to meet the speech-language pathologist, Sana Ali, who worked with the twins for seven continuous months.

“Shadi and Fadi can now pronounce the letters correctly. They are receiving psychosocial support through support groups and case management services in order to integrate into the handicrafts sessions. These sessions have helped them be more confident when communicating with others,” Reem Al Hasan, case manager, said.

Shadi and Fadi said, ” Bidaya Center gave us hope for a better tomorrow. We have learned that with determination and perseverance we can overcome difficulties and accomplish anything. Now we can pronounce letters correctly and this has helped us regain our self confidence. We know now that we are strong enough to pursue our dreams and to  never give up.”