Adobe Photoshop Training Course at Bidaya Center in Al Hussainieh

At the end of the two-month Adobe photoshop training course, which was held At Bidaya Center in Al Hussainieh, Trainer Haytham Abdulla said, ” Photoshop is not only used to manipulate, edit,  and restore photographs, it is also used to create high quality art that can be used to deliver messages that are relevant to today’s societal issues. When creativity and imagination combine, there’s no limit to the amount of artistic expression a person can show.”

” I usually collect different images that I can relate to, fuse them together, then add effects to create something that reflects who I truly am. Learning Photoshop has been by far one of the most important skills I’ve picked up that not only benefits my personal life but also my business life since I have always wanted to become a graphic designer,”  one of the beneficiaries said.

It is worth mentioning that Bidaya Center in Al Hussainieh gives adolescents the chance to plan for their future through a variety  of free courses.