Photography Course Held by Wardeh Rizk Ends at Bidaya Center for Developmental Activities

During the 2-month photography course, the trainees were taught the basics of photography, the most popular types of cameras, the elements of a good photograph, light meter,  types of lenses, depth of field, types of photography, and  the elements and principles of design in photography.

The instructor, Rizk, focused on the aesthetics and practical application of photography as the trainees were given the opportunity to take photographs in different public places.

Instructor, Rizk, said, ” My passion for photography was fueled by the enthusiasm I saw in the trainees’ eyes when they were trying to capture the beauty in the mundane and ordinary.”

One of the trainees said, ” To me photography is a documentation of what is there, always candid, never posed. Photographs reflect what a photographer sees and feels”.

It is worth mentioning that the beneficiaries of the course spent 15 days organizing a 3-day photography exhibition at the end of the course. The exhibition was a tremendous success, and everyone was impressed with the talent shown in the photos displayed.